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A technical overview of our plan to build: A complete mobile app + web + browser extension digital adoption platform centered around DeFi education

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Scam will be the native token of the Simple U’s ecosystem. Scam is a BSC token available to buy on ApeSwap and Pancake Swap, with a farm hosted on ApeSwap! Take a look at the chart on Dex Guru, or come join the Scamily on Discord!

Contract Address : 0x00aa85e010204068b7cc2235800b2d8036bdbf2e


See live price action for $SCAM On Dex Guru.

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Buy and provide liquidity on ApeSwap.

Trade On Ape Swap


Stake your SCAM/BNB LP tokens and earn extra Scam rewards

Farm Here


Have any questions? Come on over and join the scamily, we got you!

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DeFi Education & Adoption the simple cool way


For defi

In just a few weeks Simple has grown to a large team from all over the world. All working together to help more people discover the power of DeFi!


For projects, content creators and beta testers

Coming soon

sneak peak

Simple U Still in stealth mode

Simple U is still in development in collaboration with beta testers across projects, content creators, and Defi users.

The final form is shaping up to be a complete mobile app + web + browser extension digital adoption platform centered around DeFi education

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