Andre Lewis

Where did you actually come from?

Growing up in a military family, Dre moved around a lot. He considered the world his home, living on and off bases in many states, as well as overseas.

When you move so often, friends come and go, and you became very comfortable with solitude. During this time Dre became an avid reader and explorer of new places, two traits which remain to this day.

What were you doing before crypto?

When Dre’s dad went to war the family settled in Georgia. After high school he went to Georgia Film Academy to study Mass Media and received an internship as a Production Assistant.

From there he began getting jobs in various states, living out of his car, slowly earning enough money to work his way west to California.

Success in the field of production has given Dre experience managing large sums of money and coordinating groups of people, skills that are vital to his new role as a crypto creator.

What made you get into crypto?

Dre’s interest in crypto started while listening to Money Man and he began exploring and investing in various coins and tokens. As he achieved gains he became obsessed with studying how it all works, and how to utilize crypto as a sound investment tool for sustainable growth.

One night with shaky Wi-Fi, listening to a Pokémon NFT meeting on clubhouse and scrolling the tickers on KuCoin, Dre became inspired to make his own token.

What would start as a joke spiraled into a full-blown project as thousands of people began investing within hours with great excitement, believing in both the project and the man.

Where are you going from here on out?

Dre has taken this responsibility and trust very seriously, and immediately began putting a dedicated team in place to live up to the faith the community has placed in this project.

Simple U will be one of the first projects that Dre and the team are working on, Simple U is a crypto/Decentralised Finance adoption and education platform.