Dre’s Universe Beta Test – Round 1

profX gg · June 11, 2021

Thank you and welcome to Dre’s Universe Beta Test!

By beta testing, you’re supporting our community project while earning a chance to win Scam tokens and special NFTs. Players with high scores on the Dre’s Universe leaderboard will be rewarded with Scam for placing in the Top 10, as well as with NFTs for those who place in the Top 3!

Beta testers can report on bugs and give feedback on the game. If we like what you’ve contributed, you might receive Scam token rewards, or even be invited to join the Scam team! We are looking for DeFi content creators, content editors, devs and more.

To participate in the beta, you must be a current LP holder, or have LP in the farm. We’ve designed this program to be for LP holders, but don’t worry if you haven’t supplied liquidity yet- we’re going to walk you through the steps to become an LP if you don’t know how.

Not an LP holder? And don’t have any SCAM yet? OK noob, hop in. We got you.

Have SCAM but no LP? Let’s get you earning some juicy trading fees!

If you are an LP holder, You’re in player! It’s game time. Lets go! 

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